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Participating Agencies – Membership Requirements

What is a participating agency?

One that approves at least one of our mandatory training course standards and supports that training in the following way:-
1. Must clearly state on our ‘participating agency’ page that they accept our standard of mandatory training (see form below)
2. Must back-link from their own website acknowledging that they accept one of our mandatory training standards
3. Either one of the following:-
•  Accepts independent delegates’ HSG Mandatory Training Certificates as a sufficient level of Mandatory Training for relevant frameworks
•  Places their own agency delegates on HSG Mandatory Training

Benefits for a Participating Agency

•   FREE use of the Healthcare Certificate Register to access and verify independent delegates’ certificates
•   FREE use of the Agency Booking Portal including preferential access to booking of delegates on all HSG Training Courses

Next Steps

1. Complete and send the ‘Participating Agencies – Application Form’ below
2. You will then receive an acknowledgment and a guide to arrange back-links.
3. Arrange back links as advised and confirm this has been completed by e-mail
4. You will receive an invitation to create your username and password to access the HCR site.
5. You’re then up and running!

Participating Agencies – Application Form

Contact Name
Name of Agency
Email Address

Which of the following Health and Safety Group healthcare training standards does your organisation approve (select only the ones you approve):-





HSG Courses


Venepuncture and Cannulation


Medication Administration


Diabetes Awareness


Care Certificate Assessors Course


CSTF Aligned Training Courses


Mandatory + Statutory Training Practical Day – Annual


Mandatory + Statutory Training Non-Practical Day - 3 Years


Safeguarding Children - Level 3


'Skills for Care' Aligned CSTF Training Courses


The 'Care Certificate' Training Course


Terms of Use for Participating Agencies


Please check the following box to confirm that you acknowledge and abide by HSG Privacy terms, HSG Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Laws.